Ben Leyka

Ben Leyka is the Chief Executive Officer of the African Agri Council NPC (AAC). The African Agri Council is a Pan-African organization that promotes the development of African agriculture by facilitating investment into bankable projects across the value chain.

Over the years, Ben has worked with global stakeholders within the public and private sector across different industries. Working for the Pan African Parliament, African Leadership Academy and now the African Agri Council, combined with his experience working in the private sector for Capital Surge Inc, AFTI and Equitics Holding have allowed him to add his voice to the development of the African continent. His love, passion and commitment towards the development of Africa are the drivers behind his work on the continent.

Ben sits on various Board Committees and he is also involved with the Africa 1st Initiative and DRC Invest – all focusing on the creation and development of entrepreneurs and conducive business environments in Africa

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