Dr Andrew S. Nevin

Dr. Andrew S. Nevin, PhD, is a nation-builder and public intellectual in Nigeria. With over 35 years’ experience as a thinker and a doer at the intersection of economics, strategy, capital markets, social enterprises, and investment, he has lived previously in Asia, North America, and Europe. He has been based in Nigeria (the world’s 7th most populous country) since 2012.

He started his professional career at McKinsey & Company, serving in Toronto & Paris. Before joining PwC, he spent 10 years living in China and was President of United Family Hospitals (China’s preeminent international hospital chain) during the SARS crisis in 2003–2005.

Beyond his work in Nigeria, Andrew is a leader in the emerging concept of “Flourishing” and recently published Flourishing in Canada: How to Get the Good Life, which makes the case for moving from a GDP lens to a Flourishing lens for forming public policy. He became interested in the Flourishing concept following the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, which showed that the economy and financial system were unsustainable.

Andrew’s latest work focuses on combining “Flourishing” with the concept of “Brain Capital,” an initiative of the OECD to take a broad view of the impact of brain health and brain skills on individuals and societies. He is the co-chair of the Working Group creating a Brain Capital Index so that we can start to quantify our Brain Capital, both within and across countries.

Andrew’s main role is Partner, Financial Services Leader, and Chief Economist at PwC Nigeria.

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