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6-7 February 2023

Transcorp Hilton | Abuja | Nigeria 


About #ABC2024

The Africa Business Convention (ABC) is now independent. As a premier convening of business leaders, policy makers, investors, and entrepreneurs across Africa,  it is repurposed to focus on its mandate all year, beyond just the annual convention.

ABC has therefore designed six thematic streams that are critical to Africa’s growth and development.

These streams not only shapes Africa’s immediate growth, but also her medium- and long-term prosperity.

These streams include:

1. Jobs / Economy / Trade (JET) Stream – The JET stream provides a dedicated platform for the understanding, engagement, policy and tracking of developments that shapes the overall economies of Africa countries.

2. Agriculture and Food Security (AFS) Stream – Agriculture is still the backbone of many African economies, and critical to its rural growth and development. Nonetheless, there is so much hunger, due to combinations of poor agricultural productivity, harvest losses, small scale farming etc. AFS seeks to continuously build and develop an ecosystem of agriculture development for food security on the continent and for exports. Focusing on policies, data, developments, technology, and initiatives that helps to support this ambition.

3. Banking, Investments and Capital (BIC) Stream – Banking is changing all over the world. It is changing very rapidly in Africa as well. However, in most other regions, banking has evolved and matured to cover tremendous and broad classes of assets, but not the same in Africa. Income growth and economic instability are critical problems limiting banking growth, investment, and capital deployment. BIC therefore focuses on the deep understanding of the banking, investment and capital raising landscape in Africa.

4. Power, Infrastructure and Energy (PIE) Stream – PIE is critical for Africa’s development. The gaps in PIE are the clearest reflection of the difference in growth and prosperity between many African economies and the rest of the world. As in other streams, PIE will focus on the data, policies, investment, and dynamics in the different areas of PIE. Power is about electricity to homes and businesses and how that is changing overtime, while infrastructure covers all forms of transport infrastructure that facilitates trade and minimises the frictions associated with trade and exchanges in Africa. Energy covers all the value chains in the development and use of energy.

5. Fintech, Innovation and Technology (FIT) Stream – The FIT stream focuses on financial technology companies, businesses and evolving policies, innovation and investments supporting their growth. It recognises that Africa’s growth will depend on the development, application, and use of technology on the continent, including those developed outside of it. It especially recognises that Africa has been short on the application of existing technologies across industries and the growth of the application will mean growth, jobs, and increasing standard of living. In addition, technology is loosely defined here as different forms of changes and improvements in business overtime.

6. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Stream – The ESG stream is about business interests in driving environmental sustainability, social cohesion, and good governance on the continent. It seeks to develop business interests in communities, the environment, and applying good governance in implementing effective ESG strategies.

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