Keturah Ovio

Keturah Ovio is the visionary founder of DUKKA, a Fintech company that is dedicated to building the bedrock of commerce in Africa. The company–currently serving over 100,000 merchants across Africa–was founded in March 2021 and has, in its employ, over 50 staff across 4 countries.

She uses her passion in technology to create a better world we all want to live in. She also encourages and promotes initiatives that give women and girls a fair chance to take up and advance careers in tech. Her experience spans founding, product design and development, operations and process improvement, fundraising, strategy and growth, and locking in key partnerships.

As a trained software engineering and high-growth specialist, she has held executive positions and has been instrumental in the growth and exit of several organisations she was employed in and founded across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Keturah is also passionate about African art and has been collecting art since her early 20s. She is an executive at Patrons Modern & Contemporary African Art, where she advises, curates, and manages collections for individuals and corporate organisations looking to start or diversify their wealth management through art collecting. Keturah is also an advocate of kindness in a world that is full of apathy.Her favourite quote she lives by is, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

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