Krishnan Ranganath

Dr Krish is the Chief Technology Officer( CTO) of Africa Data Centres heading the West African Business Operations

With more than two decades of experience in global industry working with various Multinationals across Emerging Markets in the ICT sector, Dr Krish started his career in 1992. He has managed complex multinational projects across growing economies and has seasoned relationships with various global players across industries.

He is a key stakeholder in setting up and managing various networks & data centres across emerging economies with a proven record of monitoring the inflow & outflow of funds and ensuring optimum utilisation towards the accomplishment of the organisational goals.

He is also involved in various activities in promoting and enabling local content in Africa and preparing long term ICT strategies and roadmaps for various emerging economies within Africa as well as in West Africa Telecom infrastructural development.

Dr Krish holds an MBA in International Marketing, PhD’s in International Marketing, Organisational Management and Strategy, Enterprise-wide risk management & BCP.

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