Olu Akanmu

Olu Akanmu is President and Co-CEO of OPay-Nigeria. He was Executive Director- Retail Banking at First City Monument Bank, Chief Marketing Officer at Airtel, Managing Director- Retail Banking at former BankPHB and General Manager- Consumer Marketing at MTN.

He brings a unique, wide perspective of cross-industry experience in telecoms, banking, fintech, fmcg, health-care and manufacturing in proffering innovative solutions to business problems and public-policy challenges. He is a Fellow of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, and Fellow of the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy.

Olu Akanmu is a strong believer in business and government for common good. He podcasts on strategy, leadership and management on Olu’s Files and blogs on Strategy and Public Policy on http://olusfiles.blogspot.com.

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