Sanne Steemers

Sanne Steemers is President Rest of Africa of AFEX. Building on the impact of AFEX in Nigeria, she is
responsible for rolling out infrastructure, markets and capital to smallholders and processors across Africa,
starting from Kenya and Uganda. Having twenty years’ experience in corporates and as an entrepreneur,
Sanne has worked with many organizations in over fifty countries. Sanne holds an MSc in International
Business from the University of Groningen, combined with certifications in various industries and in
management. She specializes in sustainable trade and impact investing, and serves on several investment
committees and boards.
Sanne is on a mission to redefine the food system at scale, and strongly believes in people, integrity and
quality. She believes that through creating real value, agribusiness can be profitable to all stakeholders. Her
diverse experience in global supply chains includes impact assessments, agricultural finance, sustainability
strategy, in sectors such as banking, insurance, high-tech and commodities trade.
She has always loved food, since helping her parents in the kitchen just when she was able to walk. Her first
job was selling ice cream in her teens. Food still inspires her today, and Sanne has personally committed to
help facilitate $1 billion investments into agribusiness and reach 10 million people

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