Shadrack Kubyane

Shadrack’s journey departure commenced in corporate with entities like Deloitte, prior to co-founding Coronet Blockchain: a supply chain digital infrastructure  leveraging blockchain technology capabilities to evolve the salon sector from hand to mouth into a bankable economy. Future-proofing the salon sector, in a post-Covid reality, ensuring their sustainability, re-tooling, and bringing about employable key industry skills whilst fulfilling consumer expectations.

His Corporate track-record/highlights comprises  spearheading specialist business development task teams that accelerated a closed medical aid scheme from a modest balance sheet position to ZAR 5 billion front foot position. He is part of the National Working Committee Group on Data Science 4IR Curriculum – curating the curriculum of 10 4IR courses gearing South Africa to compete on the global landscape – through well equipped Data Science practitioners across Machine Learning, Blockchain, AI, Cloud, etc.

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