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Keynote Panel

Africa’s Economies – The Year Ahead Africa’s Economies Dynamics; Growth, jobs, policies + Debt

Plenary Panel

Policy Debate Nigeria’s 2023 elections- what it means for Africa’s Democracy and the world?

Breakout Session

Education and Technology How do we leverage technology for quality mass education in a low-technology-penetration continent

Plenary Session

Capital Market and Commodity Exchange Is Africa capital markets and commodity exchanges adequate for scaling and growing businesses on the continent?

Keynote Presentation

Agriculture Mobilizing the necessary resources, through investment and innovation, for Africa to feed itself and the rest of the world.

Plenary Panel

Business and Finance Scale + Growth, how do African businesses fund investment in a volatile economic environment ?

Keynote Panel

Power, energy and infrastructure Powering Africa’s growth: Resolving the energy and infrastructure deficiency.

Plenary Panel

The Competition for Talent The global competition skills and talent, the new dynamic competition for Africa’s talent, and how should African businesses and economies respond?

Breakout session 2

Innovation and Technology Innovation and technology: expanding Africa’s innovation ecosystem to leapfrog its economic growth and global competitiveness.

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