Capital Platform

The Capital Platform is a sector-agnostic, leading growth market-focused investment and advisory firm, that generates globally competitive returns by combining a deep knowledge of the markets we operate in, an entrepreneurial business-building approach, and strong local and international connectivity.

We are committed to changing the African narrative and we leverage our local presence, global network, operating experience, technical partnerships, and knowledge to champion, invest and grow businesses on a global scale.

Our strategy focuses on our anchor verticals – Energy, Industrials, Telecommunications, Media, Technology & Payments (TMTP) and the Food Value Chain.

Capital Platform stands out because of its unique investment Strategy, credible track record, access to global deals, attractive investment structures, diverse ecosystem and a team of highly focused top investment professionals. Platform capital is Africa’s “glo-cal” investment firm, bridging the gap between Africa and the rest of the world.

We are a leading provider of business investment & advisory services in Africa.

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